Fiderman Machuca-Martinez, Director of GAOX Group of the Universidad del Valle, obtained his Ph.D. in 1993 at the Industrial University of Santander (Colombia). He is Full Professor at the Chemical Engineering School of the Universidad del Valle (Colombia) since 2002, his interests are related to the application of catalysis in the development of processes and products with applications in energy, environment and health, as well as aspects of intellectual property and the transfer of knowledge to the productive sector.

His academic record includes +150 undergrade, 27 M.Sc., 14 Ph.D., 3 Postdocs, more than 100 scientific papers, 12 patents (Colombia, Mexico, Chile, USA, Brazil) and three National Scientific Prizes (2020, 2016) from the Professional Council of Chemical Engineering of Colombia for his work in industrial research with technology-based companies founded by students and best doctoral thesis.

Talk: “Opportunities of the advanced oxidation processes in the context of circular economy projects