Wilson Jardim

In the last 50 years, AOPs have been applied in many ways to treat air, soil, and water. Some processes became well established with clear benefits to our society. On the other hand, air treatment still must overcome many engineering barriers to be consolidate as an abatement conventional technology. In this talk I will present some case studies of success and unsuccess of AOPs that I had experienced during my academic life.

Wilson F. Jardim, Director of Innovative Projects, Venturo Consulting Company, obtained his Ph.D. in 1983 at the University of Liverpool, UK. Retired in 2013 as Full Professor at the Chemistry Institute, State University of Campinas (UNICAMP), after supervising 28 M.Sc., 27 Ph.D., 8 Postdocs, published more than 130 scientific papers, 2 books, 7 patents and received many scientific prizes, including the Mercosul Prize in Science and Technology in 2006. Recently Dr. Jardim was listed as one of the 600 most influent researchers in Brazil according to Stanford University survey (Plos Biology 2020).

Talk: “Believe, there is life after retirement”
(Award for distinguished scientific research in the fields of CIPOA)