5th Iberoamerican Conference on Advanced Oxidation Technologies
CUSCO – PERU (Convention Center of the Municipality of Cusco)
7 – 11th November 2022


Non-photochemical AOPs in homogeneous phase (ozonation in alkaline media, O3/HO; ozonation with hydrogen peroxide, O3/H2O2; Fenton (Fe2+/H2O2 or Fe3+/H2O2); Electro-oxidation; Electro-Fenton; Electrohydraulic discharge – ultrasound; wet air oxidation, etc.)

Photochemical AOPs in homogeneous phase (photolysis of water in vacuum ultraviolet-VUV; UVC/H2O2; UVC/persulfate; UVC/O3; UVC/O3/H2O2; Photo-Fenton (Fe2+/H2O2/UVA-Vis or Fe3+/H2O2/UVA-Vis; Electro-Photo-Fenton; etc.)

Non-photochemical AOPs in heterogeneous phase (catalytic ozonation; catalytic wet oxidation; electrocatalysis; etc.)

Photochemical AOPs in heterogeneous phase (photocatalytic ozonation; photocatalysis; photoelectrocatalysis; etc.)

Integration of Advanced Oxidation Technologies (AOTs) with biological oxidation, adsorption, membrane separation, and others

Solar-driven AOTs

AOTs applied to the treatment of contaminated soil and air

Photochemical AOPs in natural water exposed to sunlight

AOTs applied to water treatment for human consumption

AOTs applied to wastewater decontamination

AOTs for wastewater resources recovery (water, nutrients, energy)

AOTs for waste streams valorization (high value products)

On behalf of the Organizing and Scientific Committees, it is our great pleasure to welcome you to the 5th Iberoamerican Conference on Advanced Oxidation Technologies (V CIPOA), held in Cusco, Peru, from 7th to11th November 2022.