Maria Quintana Caceda

Dr. María Quintana obtained her Ph.D. between Uppsala University (Sweden) and the National Engineering University (Peru), working about dye-sensitized solar cells. Following her doctorate, she did a postdoc at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, perfecting her knowledge on the subject.

Her master’s thesis in ​​chemistry was done at the National University of Engineering, working in ​​nanomaterials topic. After finishing her degree in Chemical Engineering, she worked in various mining companies in ​​analytical chemistry.

Currently, she is a research professor at the National University of Engineering and head of the Environmental Engineering career at the Cayetano Heredia Peruvian University. His research focuses on the area of ​​nanomaterials for their environmental applications in the fields of renewable energy and water decontamination, having several publications as well as participation in international conferences.

Talk: “Natural peruvian dyes for solar cells